Understanding Child Protection Processes – Louise Smith & Yvonne Ross – LEVEL 3


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Understanding Child Protection Processes

This training is designed for staff from all agencies who have regular contact with children and/or families, including those working within adult services. This course covers different processes within Child Protection; including the Inter-agency Referral Discussion and Joint Investigative Interview. Participants will follow a case study through an Initial Child Protection Planning Meeting with groupwork focussing on analysis and formulating an Action Plan. The training introduces the role of the Children’s Reporter and statutory measures of care.

What can I expect from this training?

By the end of this training, staff should:
• Understand the purpose and process of Inter-agency Referral Discussions and Joint Investigative Interviews.
• Understand the purpose and agenda of a Child Protection Planning Meeting.
• Understand how evidence is gathered to assess significant risk of harm, analyse information and develop an Action Plan to reduce or eliminate risk.
• Recognise the importance of gaining the child/ young person’s voice in Child Protection proceedings and the rights of children/young people and their parents/ carers.
• Gain practical experience of using the risk and resilience indicators in the National Risk Assessment Framework.
• Recognise some of the key pitfalls in Child Protection work and how to avoid them.
• Understand the role of the Children’s Reporter as gatekeeper to the Child’s Hearing System.

Who should attend?

All staff who have regular contact with children and young people and/or their family members should attend this training.

In particular those staff who:
• Have regular contact with vulnerable children and families
• Carry out direct work with children and families
• Contribute to assessments of children, including assessment of risk
• Attend Child Protection Planning Meetings and/ or supervise those who do
• Have specific responsibilities in regard to child protection


Staff must have completed “Recognition and Response in Child Protection” or “Assessment and Analysis in Child Protection” within the past three years, or have direct experience of working in the field of child protection.


There will be pre-course reading which will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The online course lasts 3 hours.


Bookings are closed for this event.